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Three adventures


We believe that young foreign adults and students deserve to be led by the best educators and discover other educational and cultural parameters. At Bhutan Happiness Academy, they will not only learn a new language but also develop self-awareness to become active citizens aware of world issues and civilizational challenges.

We are excited to help students through less-traveled roads to answer all kind of questions about Bhutan along the road!

Lectures, farm home stay, cultural, spiritual and historical visits, physical and intellectual activities, indoor and outdoor pursuits complete this educational camp.



Bhutan Happiness offers small group, custom-crafted experiences, for Universities and students from all over the world to discover the Kingdom of Bhutan. We believe that students deserve to be led by the best educators, guide, and management team.

This trip will be an amazing experience, developing self-awareness to become an active citizen, aware of world issues. We are excited to guide teenagers, through the less-traveled roads and answer your questions along the road!

This unique program is mixing, conferences, Bhutanese culture introduction, and outdoor activities. You will explore a place where happiness became a way to measure national development.  So much is waiting for you to make your trip to Bhutan unbelievable!


This retreat has the perfect combination of yoga and meditation to help clearing your mind. Yoga increase your energy, improved physical health, and help you finding answer to unanswered questions. 

As an empirical science and philosophy Yoga is helping you to find yourself through outstanding experiences.
Impossible to dissociate the body and mind. The body is the vehicle of the mind and the soul.

With the sublime layout of Bhutan, you will be guided by to discover yourself through the ancient and rational discipline of yoga.

If you are looking to sharpen your mind, reconnect with your soul, and retake control of your life through the amazing life experience then this package was designed for you!

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The beauty of Bhutan

The last kingdom of Himalaya remains a very exceptional and unique place to discover. Join us to better understand the extraordinary and authentic Bhutanese people, their deep cultural and spiritual roots, and discover yourself. Are you really prepared to live the most tremendous experience of your life? Get yourself ready, prepare to be amazed!

Facts about Bhutan

Bhutan has 71 percent of the country under forest cover. Over 800 million trees are estimated to be found in Bhutan. The constitution mandates the need to keep a minimum of 60 percent of country's land area under forest cover for all times to come.


The concept of GNH has often been explained by its four pillars; good governance, sustainable socio-economic development, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation.The GNH Index includes both traditional areas of socio-economic concern such as living standards, health and education and less traditional aspects of culture and psychological wellbeing.King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, said, “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product.”

Gross National Happiness Index

Bhutan is a multilingual country where approximately 20 languages are commonly spoken. There is no absolute majority, and Dzongkha, Bhutan’s official language, is only spoken by 30% of its population. English is the languages used on a daily basis by the Bhutanese citizens. 


Come join us and be amazed by the beauty of Bhutan, the land of Happiness!